Program Info


The Youth program is for both boys and girls ages 8-12 and is a one season commitment.  The program will run indoors at the Y-Zone over a 20-week winter session.  In addition to the training, every player is strongly urged to participate with his/her local organization to play indoor games and use the new skills he/she is learning.  Over the 20-week period, players will be introduced to various ball feeling skills that will increase their confidence with the ball.  Also, as the players move through the program, they will be introduced to a variety of different skills and moves to beat an opponent.  Parents will be impressed at the speed children this age will pick up on the skills.  Ball skills are the foundation of a successful soccer player, which will last a life time when learned at this age making the game of soccer magical.  The following is a short list of what will be taught:

1.    Over 100 different Ball feeling skills/drills

2.    Dozens of variations of “Moves to Beat an Opponent”

3.    Turning with the ball

4.    Properly receiving the ball under pressure with confidence

5.    Passing accuracy over both short and long distances with both feet

6.    Ladder drills to build speed and agility

Sample training video from a 9-year old that started with Dr. Michael Baptiste over 12 years ago and went on to win several state championships and captain his college soccer team.


Positive repetition is the key to success in anything.  Mastering the basics before moving on to more advanced training is crucial for the development of all youth players.  What your child will learn in this program is simple and easy to do; however, it is also simple and easy not to do, which is why it gets overlooked by so many coaches.  Developing a mastery of the ball will build confidence in every child that parents will be able to recognize.  Additionally, all players will have access to training videos online which demonstrate all the skills being taught.  Area youth coaches will also have access to our training materials and are strongly encouraged to ask questions to continuously reinforce the skills at practice sessions. By encouraging the players to use the skills during games without fear of failure will help speed up the learning process. 

ALL TRAINING IS DONE WITH YOUR CHILDS BALL AT YOUR CHILDS FEET.  You will never see a player standing around or waiting in long lines at the Academy.  Your son/daughter will be expected to bring his/her own ball and put several thousand touches on the ball at every training session.  Most sessions will end in exhaustion because each player is working individually with a ball. Mixed skill levels are not a hindrance to the growth or development of any player.  Players that pick up the skills faster will be encouraged to perform them for longer durations, at increased intensity levels, and at higher frequencies throughout the sessions. Players will also be given juggling and various ball skills homework to be performed at home.  Our goal is to get your child ready to play at a higher level.  The more skilled your child develops, the more fun he/she will have during games and during practice sessions.  To register, go to the Indoor Academy Registration link at the top of the webpage. (Classes are limited to the first 40 participants per class ages 7-12)