U8-U12 Indoor

Winter Indoor Academy 2018-19

Begins November 13th

Winter Academy training is closing in as the colder weather begins to change the color of the leaves.  Last winter’s indoor academy was a huge success with the academy reaching maximum capacity in the first ever indoor training session at the Y-zone.  Due to the increased demand we will be offering TWO academy levels this year and allowing an enrollment of 80 players.  The first level will be for beginners that need to develop and master their ball skills, moves, and overall balance and coordination.  The second level will be for players that have been part of the academy in the past and have a solid base in the academy curriculum.  The second level will focus more on mastering 1 v 1, 2 v 2, and 3 v 3 situations.   There will be two sessions every week for 20-weeks totaling 40 sessions over the winter.  ALL SESSIONS ARE ON THE BIG TURF FIELD!  

Winter 2018-2019 Training days, dates, and times
Beginners sessions on turf field: 5:30-6:30 every Tuesday & 6:30-7:30 every Thursday 

Level 2 sessions on turf field: 6:30-7:30 every Tuesday & 5:30-6:30 every Thursday 


Winter Indoor Academy (Open to all players)
Indoor is 100% focused on training. The winter session is for every player and there will be no games. All spring and fall training players are encouraged to take part in this program. We strongly encourage each player that participates in the program to play for their local recreational or traveling team indoors at either the Y-Zone or another local indoor center. The winter training sessions will emphasize ball skills and coordination. It is imperative at this age that players master the ball. Once ball mastery is achieved the game will begin to teach itself. Every player will receive the following during the 20-week long indoor training season.
1. Turf Field Training - 20 weeks (40 sessions) of training on the turf field.  
3. Coaching Fees - Your fee for the 40 indoor training sessions will pay for all coaching and rental fees.

Total for the season - $400 Thats $10 per one hour session indoors on a turf field! ($50 is required at time of registration and three payments of $150 due Novemeber 15th, $100 due December 15th, and $100 due January 15th.  We use Demosphere which is an online registration process will be utilized which will deduct your payment automatically from your account. Parents may also pay the full fee up front. All payments must be made through the online system for accounting purposes. Cash handed to a coach will not be accepted. Payments reciepts will be emailed and will say Fusion Propertiues LLC on them.  Thius is the name of the corporate structure that ownes Outlaws Academy.

Player Limit: This program will be limited to the first 40 players to register per class.  Players can be from any organization in the area.  The Academy has no affiliation with local soccer organizations and is open to all skill levels.

The first 40 players per class U8-U12 are guarateed a position in the Academy.

Click on the registration tab Beginning October 1st to register.